3 Jul 2006

Imperial Saloon

I recommend Imperial Men’s Parlour to all men in South Bangalore for whom Koramangala BDA Complex is within reach. They give you a cool haircut at a reasonable price – Rs 40 for a haircut and Rs 20 for a shave. There are other value added services like face massage and head massage that will only make you feel better. The saloon is well ventilated and one does not get the stuffy feeling that is so common in saloons. At one time six customers can be serviced, with seating provision for an additional six just outside the saloon. While waiting for your turn, you can flip through recent magazines, mostly filmy. The barbers are very professional and there is consistency across barbers in the quality of the haircut. The environment is clean and hygienic. They use a clean, printed cloth to wrap you in, so that the clipped hair does not fall on your clothes; this is common in all saloons. However these guys also wrap a band of napkin a couple of inches wide around your neck to prevent hair-ends from collecting in the neck-shoulder junction.