4 May 2008

Kudos to Indian Railways

I am happy with the progress made by Indian Railways in terms of the facilities provided to passengers with disabilities.

Last week we had gone to Bangalore City railway station to see off my aunt who has a knee ailment and can walk only short distances. She was to board Karnataka Express which departs at 7.30 PM from Bangalore.

Though we had heard of the wheelchair service at the station and had managed to get the cell number for the same, we were skeptical about the guy coming on time. Last year, the coolies had arranged for the wheelchair for a few extra bucks.

This year was different though. The guy actually picked up the cell when we called and assured help. He said he would be with us in fifteen minutes. We waited and kept our eyes open for a rickety old wheelchair with everything except the wheels moving. Imagine our surprise when a golf car drew up noiselessly behind us and asked if we would require help.

My aunt was soon on her way, enjoying a smooth ride to the platform. The golf car has adjustable floor height and once at the compartment door, my aunt had no problem in entering as the golf car was level with the door.

We were in for a bigger shock: all this was free; the golf car drive did not demand a single paisa and left as silently as he had arrived.

For those who would like to avail this service, the wheelchair guy’s cell number (for Bangalore City station only) is 9900789789.

While at it, we witnessed another improvement at the station: queue formation for general compartment of Udayan Express. This would definitively avoid the mad jostling and shoving for the general compartment which occurs once the train arrives and would also ensure seat availability on first come first serve basis.

Kudos to Indian Railways!

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